About Shoshi Bacon

Shoshi Bacon, CPC, ELI-MP

The owner of Strategic Transitions Coaching, Shoshi Bacon knows what it takes for entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed in an ever-changing world. She learned in the trenches of her family’s industrial-supply business, where she began in sales and later become sales manager. During that time, she helped the business grow from a 5-person operation to a highly profitable company with 15 employees and a stellar reputation for excellent customer service. Bitten by the business bug, she began looking for ways to help other business owners grow.

Keenly aware that business change was largely being driven by technology, Shoshi joined a technology company to learn the ropes. She went on to create one of the first online services in New York City, earning her successful “start-up chops.”  Ready for a new challenge and interested in further exploring how individuals learn in their own way and are motivated by different things, Shoshi began working as an executive search consultant in the financial services industry. There, she had her “Eureka” moment, discovering that the way she truly loved using her skills was by coaching others to set and meet goals and achieve their professional dreams.

Marrying her strengths and true calling with the needs of small businesses was a natural evolution, and she created STC to help small business owners achieve their own goals. Her proven approach is to blast through the past (“We’ve always done it that way.”) to focus on strategic ways to set and achieve business goals—and continue growing in today’s fast-transitioning business culture.