Energy Leadership

Everyone who interacts with others is a leader, but not all leaders are effective. If you want to influence others and your organization in a positive way, Energy Leadership™ is for you. Energy Leadership is based on the concept that energy is either positive or negative, and your thoughts determine which of the two dominates. Negative thoughts produce undesirable results in your body and in your actions, and positive thoughts produce positive results and actions. No one’s thoughts are entirely positive or negative, which is why it’s important determine the results of your combined thoughts or your Average Resonating Level (ARL). With Strategic Transitions Ccoaching , you’ll take an Energy Leadership Assessment™ to determine your current balance. Then together, we’ll create an action plan that will move you powerfully into leading in a positive way. Not only will you become a stronger, more effective leader, you’ll become a much happier one, who enjoys influencing others for the better.