Mastermind Groups

With our Mastermind Groups, you’ve got a whole team your side. Best for those who have achieved some measure of success and want to move up to the next level, Mastermind Groups get you away from “yes men” and “think-alikes,” so that you can explore fresh, new solutions to common business problems. Mastermind Groups are also recommended for those who are founders of small start-ups or those who are considering starting a business, who want a broad, balanced perspective. In guiding the group, STC supplies focus, support, reality checks and tools for self-directed change. These private groups are limited to 8 persons.

The type of coaching you choose and how you work with your coach in is your hands. During your initial, FREE consultation, we’ll explore the best coaching option for you, based on short- or long-term goals.

All Strategic Transitions Coaching programs require a minimum 3-month commitment, because it takes at least 3 months for real change to occur.