Below are just a few of our real-life business success stories.

When Customer Care Really Counts

Client:  Medical office

Issues:  Poor patient relations due to communication problems, long waiting-room delays, dissatisfied employees

Resolution:  Change can start from the bottom, as much as it can at the top. Working with employees, we discovered that detailed work flow plans and time-management skills would go a long way to relieving their stress and their clients’ wait times. With a strong commitment to following new systems, things began running more smoothly, and employees were able to focus on communication and patient relations. Now, they could see the importance of patience and professionalism. Over a period of 4 months, all aspects improved. Those on the front lines have more control over operations and as a result, they are less stressed and better able to communicate with one another and their patients in a positive way. Employee dissatisfaction? Inoculated.

Growing Pains:  When Caring Isn’t Enough

Client:  Non-profit

Issues:  Small membership, not enough income, few volunteers, struggling to grow

Resolution:  Non-profits come from the heart, but must be ruled by the head. Through our coaching, the principals discovered that they could grow using existing resources—if they got creative, developed and implemented a plan for greater visibility, and had fun creating more interesting programs that attracted true supporters. First, we provided guidance in developing and executing a plan to create a volunteer organization and structure. Responsibilities that volunteers could easily manage were identified and assigned, based on skills and interests. Next came the core of any non-profit: the institutional goals, needs and priorities. Putting them in writing crystallized them! Finally came the fun part: creating a fundraising message, supported with a full-blown program to encourage volunteer engagement and a process for implementation.

Results:  The institution is on its way to financial stability, membership is growing and even more exciting new programs are underway.

When Departments Clash

Client:  Distributor

Issues:  The sales force was not producing to capability, leading to the desire to hire more sales people—not necessarily the solution. With an all-too-common disconnect between sales, management, administration and the warehouse, owners struggle to effectively address multiple problems, including low moral, the need for better sales training, accurate billing, tighter inventory control, cross-department conflicts and muddied communication.

Resolution:  Ongoing work with departmental managers identified and prioritized key problems and possible solutions to communications issues and inconsistent processes. Once we facilitated the development of detailed plans and held managers accountable for execution, change began to occur.