Shoshi Bacon has been my business coach for approximately three months. I am extremely happy with our work together. Shoshi is incredibly skilled as a coach, is extremely bright, honest, creative, resourceful,  geneous, of high integrity and of great heart. She is a problem-solver, a solution-generator.

I can throw any challenge at Shoshi and she will listen intently, process intelligently and come up with very viable, practical, intelligent solutions. I have grown tremendously as a person, as a leader in this community, and as a business woman due directly to my extremely favorable coaching experiences with Shoshi Bacon. Shoshi is “the complete package”. She is an excellent, excellent coach and human being.



Shoshi was my coach to motivate me when I indicated that I wanted to write a book on my experiences as an entrepreneur. This was something that I had been procrastinating about for a while. She gave me the momentum to start and made me accountable to her for the assignments and progress that I indicated I would be able to handle. The amount of knowledge she possessed for my situation impressed me and I became more comfortable with her as our sessions progressed. I am considering hiring her for another round of counsel as I embark on my path as an expert in the field.



Shoshi is a great coach! Her dedication and professionalism has been consistent and valuable. She’s helped me focus on what’s important even when I was resistant to the process. As a result, my confidence has grown; I’m no longer afraid to make cold calls, one of my biggest obstacles. Working with her, we created a stream-lined, step-by-step process for following up with my prospects. Currently, we are working on creating a matrix for analyzing what tools, procedures and steps are effective and which are not.